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Facebook Business Manager User Guide

Facebook business.

One of the most used advertising tools to reach the user is Facebook Business Manager. When the number of users, ad impression structure and active usage period are calculated, Facebook Business Manager is used as the leading panel for each digital marketer. In doing so, it offers the opportunity to work both internally and through external partners.

What Can You Do With Business Manager?

You can create and manage multiple fields or formats such as Business Manager, target audience list or product catalog, which works integrated with Instagram.

You can provide your created pages, ad accounts, permissions and controls on your applications.

You can examine in detail the advertising expenditures, incoming conversions, audiences and audiences you have made so far and prepare a plan for the next process.

By using these tools, which have millions of users, and analyzing the process, you can grow your business with effective sales and marketing methods.

Who Should Use Facebook Business Manager?

Anyone can use the Facebook Business Manager ad manager, depending on the intended use. Business Manager can be preferred for many areas, including business owners, artists, communities, as well as posts that you want to spread.

The UN is divided into areas based on usage for businesses and agencies. Although the area used for agencies is more complicated, there are no differences in usage.

Tip: Businesses can give permissions to agencies from their own business accounts based on usage type. This distinction is made to ensure permission control. You can review the following image to have a better understanding of the account and its access levels.

What Can Be Done With Facebook Business Manager Tools?

You can do whatever you want in terms of publication depending on the usage type. Facebook divided the tools into 4 different groups. We can examine the service tools as follows.

Manage the business: In this area, you can see information about your business, billing, images and videos, tools such as brand safety, event manager, store locations. The changes you can make are information about your business.

Advertising: With the help of these tools, you can manage your ads with the help of the target audience, the rules you will create for all or some of your ad groups, the ad account settings and the ad manager, which is your main purpose of using this area. Thanks to this area, you can attract customers to your business.

Analysis and Reporting: In addition to Facebook Business Manager advertising, analysis and reporting are also extremely important. analyze and report on features such as how much budget is allocated to which ad, returns and views, and accordingly, to optimize your ads The information in this area allows you to Analytics, experiments, audience statistics, attribution, brand awareness manager, advertising reports are tools in this field.

Customers: Here you can see the posts you’ve shared on your page, the reach and engagement counts, as well as scheduled posts and ads. The general summary of the posts is located in this area.

Selling Products and Services: Here are the tools you can use for catalog advertising. You need to have a website or inventory list for this. In this way, you can drop the products in front of the users and make them buy them. You can control your e-commerce sales in the trade manager, which is another tool.

Facebook Business Manager Final Word

While Facebook has 2 billion 449 million users in the world, there are 37 million active users in Turkey. Considering the usage and time spent, Turkey is among the top 10 in the world. the other hand , there are 38 million active Turkish users on Instagram . It is of great importance to ensure that your business takes place in channels that are so popular and have billions of views per month. It may be to your advantage to be a nationally grown brand rather than a local boutique business.

Tip: It will be to your advantage to use your budget with a well-optimized ad account. Remember that you need professional support to make good use of your budget.
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