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Google My Business User Guide for Business

Google My Business.

Google My Business is a free service that enables businesses to appear on Google search and maps. Having any Google My Business is enough to use After you enter your business information on the registration screen and verify your address, you can have them find you in Google search or map area.

Benefits of Using Google My Business

  • You will familiarize yourself with the information you enter into the customer’s search results.
  • Your customer will have a preliminary knowledge of both your products and your company.
  • Users who register with Google My Business will have a more professional look than other businesses.
  • You make it easy for your customer, who has your information on a single screen, to reach you.
  • Your customers get an idea with the comments written about your business.
  • Users calling from mobile will not have a problem with dialing numbers and you will be able to reach you with a single click.
  • You can add your company’s photos to the Google My Business field and provide a visual preview.
  • You get priority for Google My Business local searches based on your quality score.
  • You will help and facilitate customers to reach you in different ways.

Considerations When Using Google My Business

Your business, which is also seen in the map results, may receive a low score evaluation with incorrect information. Therefore, the accuracy of the information is extremely important.

Google My Business is a public domain. You must answer questions about your company clearly and accurately.

It is important that the information written for approval is not lost. Since a later address or telephone change will be made with this information, it is very likely that you will have problems if it is lost.

What Shows on the Business Profile?

In addition to showing your business on the map, Google also allows you to add extra information. We can list them as follows:

    1. Your business and different branches,
    2. information about your service,
    3. Photos of your business and sent by users,
    4. Your private and general working hours,
    5. your phone numbers,
    6. your website address,
    7. User comments,
    8. Your products, publications,
    9. Your special reservations,
    10. your popular times
    11. Your question and answer area is located in your business profile.

Why Should You Use Google My Business?

  • It becomes easier for customers to find your store. It will be beneficial for the customer to reach a business profile with correct address information.
  • In local searches, you enable the user who is in the closest location on the map to select you.
  • You can get a good position in Google results without paying.
  • 5 billion restaurants, 3 billion hotels, 1 billion clothing stores, 600 million hairdressers and beauty salons and 5 million coffee shops around the world and country use Google My Business. Why don’t you use it?

Tip : Google My Business does not guarantee first rank to all users who use this service. in optimization support you need to get

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