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How to Measure Influencer’s Impact?

How to measure influencer's impact?

social media and digital marketing influencers (influencer marketers), who have taken over The strongest source of influencers, who promote brands by gaining the trust of the masses, is social networks and the masses they have gained there. So what is it really like to be an influencer? Who is called? how to measure the influence of influencer I will talk about

What is Influencer and What Does Working With Influencers Bring To The Brand?

influencer; It means a person who manages to impress users with his actions and opinions on a particular subject. It involves working with influencers to promote a brand, campaign or product. It is a highly effective way to expand reach, build brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty and increase conversions. Why has the rise of influencers become so important lately? Because consumer behavior is moving away from television and mainstream celebrities and towards social media channels, and it affects content shooting within these channels. materialize

What Determines the Impact of Influencers?

In the case of influencer marketing, the determining factor for influence has traditionally been thought of as influence on others, reach measured by a person’s followers and impressions. While many marketers still work with influencers, the focus on user acquisition and conversion is becoming more common. However, all social influencers have three characteristics that are common across different domains.

Reach: The ability to present content to the target audience

Relevance: Strength of connection to a brand or topic

Sustainability: The ability to sustain desired behavior from an audience

An influencer must have an audience that people can reach, a suitable audience for a brand or topic, and most importantly, the ability to provide the desired behavior from their audience.

How to Measure the Impact of Influencers?

Total number of interactions.

Since each social media platform has different interaction tools, we can say that although there are changes in the formula for calculating the interaction rate, the logic is the same for every platform. The engagement rate for Instagram is calculated as above.

When calculating the interaction rate

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, 48 hours after each share, doing it separately for each share and observing the changes will help you to measure the success of your social media shares. It is very important for the correct calculation to note down your follower count after each post.
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