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Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement for Brands

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Instagram is now much more than a photo and video sharing site. It has become a medium where brands have to be

, have to reflect their identity and do not go overboard while doing this. Increasing Instagram engagement for a good look has become valuable in this respect.

Communication Disaster in Social Media

With 38 million active Instagram users, Turkey is the 6th country in the world with the most active users. In a medium that leaves many developed countries behind, the communication of brands should be much more than sharing photos and videos. While doing this, unnatural -bot, fake- methods and unconsidered campaigns may cause communication disaster.

For example Sunny Co Clothing , a lingerie company called However, it was announced with the arrangement they made much later that the intention of the brand, which received over 100,000 comments in a short time, was actually valid for far fewer products. Sunny Co has painted a bad image among frustrated consumers. similar communication disasters Trendyol and n11 (see: n11 and Trendyol scandal, November 10 reference) have

Interaction, which is the lifeblood of social media and the latent purpose of maintaining its existence, has to be natural. If this is not done, you will be caught in the Instagram spam filter and you will be putting your account in danger.

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Here are some ways to increase engagement on your Instagram account without putting it in danger:

1- Don’t be someone else, be yourself

competitor analysis , but being original and being different always wins. Imitations keep the originals alive. You can take as an example the campaign contents, link forwarding styles, publication dates and frequencies, the language used according to the target audience, the type of responses given to the incoming comments. Creating your own account jargon and not leaving questions unanswered is one of the ways to increase engagement and quality.

2. Don’t Just Be Limited to Post or Story Sharing

Although the users generally control the story sharing, the post shares also fall in front of the users and do not disappear in the account. From this point of view, it will be the most natural and effective method not to leave both sides blank.

3. Take Care of Patient Use

The simplest and most effective way to increase Instagram engagement is to use hasag. Some users can also use media, especially by tracking tags. In order not to miss users browsing here, you should pay attention to the use of hashtags for your brand and set original tags for each post. Copy-paste is not a good method. One of the most effective ways to drop on Instagram Explore is with hashtags.

4. Share Regular Content

The point that users and the Instagram algorithm pay attention to is the sharing order. Having weeks between two posts will lower the level of interaction and lower its visibility. You need to spread the measure of this by creating a social media planning calendar, and share this when the day and time comes.

5. Create and Submit Content Texts for Comments

Another effective way to increase Instagram engagement is the use of calls-to-action from content texts. Instead of insincere phrases like “tag a friend”, create text that will suggest the story itself to others. In this way, they will recommend your account to others and your interaction will increase.

6. Do Not Leave Comments and DMs Unanswered

It may ask questions related to your user account. Leaving this unanswered will not only look bad for the user, but you will also be throwing away a natural activity such as interaction. Even if you move the topic to DM, you can take an action like “We moved the topic to DM :)” written under the post.

7. Create Content with an Instagram Mind, Not an Officer

Your posts should be visually satisfying. Canva , Pexels, Pixebay, Unsplash. Do not forget to share stories that encourage you to ask questions and get answers, as well as posts such as statistics that increase interaction, current news or special days.

8. Consider Organizing Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes that remind you of your brand have always been relevant, attractive and interaction-enhancing. If you are a car company, toy taxis, if you are a clothing company, scarves or watches according to the period, if you are a food company, box packages will have a positive effect on your account.

Today, although it is possible to increase the interaction with unnatural draws, it should not be preferred. Unnatural followers and interactions will make you look bad in Instagram’s eyes.

9. Consider Influencer Marketing Studies

You can consider doing advertising work with social media influencers relevant to your industry. You can find famous people related to your content and interview them for your brand’s advertising work. However, you have to be careful while doing this. Working with unrelated influencers can lead to bad results.

Tip: Since Instagram is a graphics-heavy medium, you may need professional support for the preparation of images, videos or texts. Increasing the positive awareness in the brand is a job that requires professionalism as much as it is easy.
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