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What is Google Ads? Why Should Businesses Use Ads?

Google ADS uygulaması.

Google Ads is a management panel that will help you show your business to your target audience through ads. Google Ads (formerly AdWords) results are the first results that users looking for products or services encounter in their searches on Google. The majority of the ads on the websites they visit are displayed to the user with the help of Google Ads.

Google Ads Campaign Models

Google Ads appears in front of users with various advertising models. These are Search, Display (GDN), Video and Shopping (Shopping) ads. These areas, which are shaped according to the needs of the business, are the shortest and guaranteed way to show yourself to the user in the digital field.

3 Reasons to Place Google Ads Ads

Google is the most popular search network and provides high returns. Among the search engines, Google is the most ideal channel to invest in a business where you can sell online in today’s world. 86% of the searches made for the needs are Google, 11% Yandex, 3% Other (Bing, yahoo.ru ) sites. It will be much easier to grow in a market that has a broad spectrum alongside a good target audience.

Google Ads has suitable ad models and options for every business model. Google uses appropriate ad models with users and advertisers in mind. If you are a recipe site, there are alternative options such as showing you with video advertisements on Youtube, and if you are a clothing company, with visual advertisements on similar sites. This is one of the most basic features that distinguishes Google Ads from other advertising companies. In addition, you can publish advertisements promoting you and your company with appropriate advertising options on Gmail, Maps, Play Store and other partner websites.

Google Ads provides faster returns with less work. Due to the multitude of usage, your ads that you adjust according to your budget are approved in a very short time and presented to users. It does not provide artificial recycling and tries to attract the most suitable customer for your business. You can get real sales or conversions with ads prepared in a short time.

How Google Ads Works

Although it may vary depending on the type of your business, the logic is generally the same. A campaign is created for the area you want to show in your company. Within this campaign

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, ad groups that can be edited and re-added and at least 3 fixed and 1 responsive ads are set. Keywords are written in which searches these ads should appear in front of the user. The CPC (Cost Per Click) to be paid per user is selected and the advertisement is published.

Tip: CPC entry is the crux of advertising. Here are some things to note. Options such as conversions, clicks, and impressions are available, and you need to use your budget correctly. You may need professional support for this.

What is Google Ads Remarketing?

Google Ads remarketing is retargeting users who see ads that already exist in the account. The main purpose here is to convert users who do not convert. It is an advertising model that should generally be preferred by advertisers who want to sell. Users interacting with your ads are recorded in the account with the help of cookies. Ads created with retargeting are shown to these users and the purchase is expected. These cookies are kept in your Audience Manager account according to your settings. It will also be deleted after a date you specify.

Can I Rank First with Google Ads?

In your searches, you will see that the rankings of some sites have changed. There are two key factors here: ad settings in the account and account settings. Although Google determines a ranking according to its own algorithm, your ranking is determined by the method called Quality score. By optimizing this ranking and quality score with the ad and account settings, the ad is exited.

Tip: Quality Score; It is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. High-quality ads can lead to lower costs and better ad positions. Quality Score is reported on a scale of 1-10 and includes expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience. The higher your quality score, the more cost-effective your conversions will be. You may need professional support for Quality Score optimization.

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