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Üç tane pembe çizgi.

Community Manager

Alt alta iki pembe çizgi.

Required Qualifications

◯ Who knows all social networks like floods,

◯ Guiding audiences with texts written for brands,

◯ Believing in the power of content, following the trends instantly, strengthening the brands it works with,

◯ Adding excitement while applying the trends to their own brands,

◯ Turkish is correct, grammar is number 10, 5 stars,

◯ Competent in reporting processes,

◯ Loves to communicate with customers,

◯ Highly motivated,

Social Media Specialist

Alt alta iki mor çizgi.

Required Qualifications

◯ At least 2 years of digital agency experience,

◯ Confident in writing text,

◯ Strong analytical skills, able to use reporting tools, produce periodic reports,

◯ Good oral and written communication, successful in human relations,

◯ Prone to teamwork, high communication skills,

◯ Keeping up with innovations and adapting quickly,

◯ In accordance with the communication strategies and target audience of our brands in digital channels

◯ will be able to prepare and post up-to-date content.


Üç tane yan yana pembe üçgen.

Required Qualifications

◯ At least 2 years of digital agency experience,

◯ Curious and following trends,

◯ Proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator,

◯ Able to use After Effects,

◯ Having a command of the dynamics of the digital media,

◯ Open to self-development,

◯ Energetic, hardworking, disciplined, able to produce creative works for our brands

Join us!

Join us!

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