What are the return conditions?

You can apply for a refund to within 14 days from the day you receive your product from the cargo. You must send the product by courier within 10 days of your return application. The shipping fee for the products sent within the scope of return belongs to the SELLER.

The conditions under the return are as follows:

• The promotional and campaign products of the product you will return, given as a gift, must be returned at the same time with the product, together with their original packaging.

• For returns, the product’s original box/packaging, original invoice, and the return form that comes with the product must be filled and signed and sent.

• All standard accessories of the product must be sent undamaged and in their original packages.

How can I perform the return process?

Perform the following steps:

• We only make returns with Yurtiçi Kargo. You need to contact Yurtiçi Kargo for your return process.

• For the return process, first enter the “My Orders” page from your account at

• Select the product you want to return by viewing your order.

• Click on RETURN OPERATIONS button.

• Read the Return and Shipping Conditions by briefly explaining why you want to return the product in the Explanation section, and tick the “I have read and accept the Return and Return Conditions” option to confirm your acceptance.

• Click on the CREATE REQUEST button.

• After your return request is created, the RETURN CONFIRMATION NO will be displayed on the My Orders page for your relevant order.

• Fill in the RETURN/EXCHANGE form that came with your product. Write the RETURN APPROVAL number in the place indicated on the form and remove the labeled part of the number.

• Stick the RETURN APPROVAL NO label visibly on the package and inform the Yurtiçi Kargo officer of this number. Please send the RETURN form and original invoice, filled and signed by you, together with the product, to our address until the specified date.

Will I pay shipping fees when returning my product?

• You do not pay a “shipping fee” for returns.

How will I deliver the product to the cargo company?

• You can reach Yurtiçi Kargo as stated below. It is sufficient to indicate to the cargo officer that the recipient is together with the RETURN CONFIRMATION NO.

• You can request a courier to your address by calling Yurtiçi Kargo Call Center (444 99 99),

• You can request an online courier by using the “Click to Send” service under the “Submit” menu on the website.

• You can send online via the website by registering to the individual internet branch,

• With the help of this link, you can learn the address of the nearest Yurtiçi Kargo branch and deliver it directly to the branch.

How will I follow the process after sending the product?

• After your product is received by, it will be checked together with its packaging, accessories and invoice.

• If the return is approved, the “product price” will be refunded to you within 14 days.

• If your return does not comply with the return conditions; The relevant product will be sent to your address with free shipping.

• You can track the status of your return from the details of your order on the My Orders page.

When and how can I get the money back for the product I returned?

• If the product/products you send are approved by, the “product price” will be refunded to you within 14 days.

• When the Product Price Refund process is completed, an information message will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

• If the payment method is “Credit Card” and your preference is “Refund”; Your payment will be made online immediately to your credit card.

• The reflection of your payment on your account may vary according to the processing times of the banks.

(*) If the invoice of the product you will return is corporate, you must send it together with the return invoice issued by the institution when returning it. The return invoice should be issued without including the cargo share (in the form of product unit price + VAT).