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What is the Benefit of SEO in Digital Marketing to Brands?


The digital world is increasing the number of websites, applications and user profiles it contains day by day. This increase causes the map to expand. On the expanding map, users often confuse which direction to go, so they feel the need to ask Google, who knows. The fact that there are billions of questions asked to Google in a day also reveals how vital it is to be at the top of this channel. In this article, we will try to summarize why the concept of SEO is so critical.

Why is SEO Important?

With the proliferation of brands, increasing competition conditions and the target audience’s more active use of the internet, consumer habits began to change, and in line with the changing habits, brands began to create the fastest and most effective ” digital marketing ” strategies that go to the user.

There is such a method in Digital Marketing strategies that it will make your brand (or website) stand out from similar ones and thus enable you to catch your target audience faster. In the literature, this digital marketing method, which is considered as “innovative applications” in new media advertising, is called ” SEO “, meaning “Search Engine Optimization”, and its Turkish translation is “Search Engine Optimization”.  

Well, why should brands give importance to Search Engine Optimization, let’s talk about them now.

What are the Advantages of SEO for Brands?

Today, the most frequently used research method by internet users is “GOOGLING”. In other words, it is today’s popular research method that refers to using the Google search engine to obtain information on the Internet or to find what you are looking for in a shorter way. Being at the forefront in this channel where users ask for addresses not only increases brand awareness, but also leads you to gain new customers. A successful SEO work done regularly provides a permanent and direct reach for brands and can provide the value that can only be obtained with financial investments at lower costs.

Is SEO Guaranteed?

Renewing itself day by day, Google aims to offer organic and quality content to its users with the algorithms it has determined. For this reason, brands need SEO and SEO Experts to meet their users from the first pages, even from the first rows, with the most accurate content through the algorithm filter determined by Google.

The aim of SEO


, which has many different details from content to software, is to stand out from competitors by ranking high in Google or to increase brand / site awareness. Today, when the e-commerce cake is growing and Google is among the most effective advertising channels, SEO is a long-term method that is needed by every brand and website that intends to exist in the future.   So today I did SEO work, there is no such thing as I will be on the first page tomorrow ?

Brands that want to enter the first pages of the search engine quickly can achieve this with SEM studies, namely Search Engine Marketing , and its Turkish translation, Search Engine Marketing, for a fee. SEO, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to do this in a free, organic way.

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