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Why Should Brands and Institutions Be on Social Media?

Kurumlar neden sosyal medyada olmalı?

As it is known, the constantly developing technology has brought with it the internet, which enters all areas of people’s lives and has become a daily necessity that people cannot give up such as eating and drinking.

In our country with a population of 82.4 million;

  • , 72% of the population 59.36 million internet users
  • , 63% of the population 52 million active social media users
  • 53% of the population 44 million active mobile social media users . ( We Are Social 2019 report)

Social media can provide great power to its users according to the way it is used, and this great power is not only monopolized by individuals, we are in a period where institutions are also discovering this power. Numerical data clearly and unequivocally reveal that social media networks are the platform through which institutions can reach their target audiences in the shortest time and most effectively in the internet age.

When social media is naive, institutions; They were not related to social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. As the users of social networks increased and became popular, they became the focus of attention of institutions.


, let’s take a look at why institutions should use social media and why they should use it actively.

It enables instant communication with the target audience.

Effective and fast communication is among the requirements of our age. The biggest advantage of these platforms is that the numbers are clear. The number of followers of your institution’s social media account, the number of people who like your posts, and how many people comment are clear on a numerical basis. As you can measure the quantity of data, you can also see the quality of the incoming comments and give instant feedback to the problems or expectations of your target audience, create content or develop strategies.

It helps to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Social media is an important tool to increase and maintain your brand awareness and the loyalty of your target audience. The more effectively you communicate with your target audience and the more you make them feel special, the stronger your bonds with your customers will be and it will be possible for you to build customer loyalty.

You can do competitor analysis.

It allows you to make competitor analysis and highlight your brand. Not only do individuals wonder what others are doing and stalk each other, but corporations also wonder and research their competitors’ strategies, target audiences, campaigns, and social responsibility projects. Social media makes it possible to react quickly in order not to fall behind in brand wars and to surpass competitors.

In summary; Today, it has become a necessity for institutions to exist in social media and to maintain their existence actively in terms of the continuity of their existence. An institution that does not exist in social media will always be a few steps behind in terms of sales, marketing, communication and support to its target audience. Mevlana said, “ What is out of sight is also out of the heart. ” helps us to summarize our subject in the most clear way.