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Social Media Past, Present and Tomorrow

Sosyal medya türleri.
When we think of our connection with social media from the first moment we open our eyes to the last moment before falling asleep despite all the hustle and bustle of the day, it is impossible not to wonder how something that is so in our lives has come to these days.

What is Social Media?

“Social media Web 2.0 is a media system that provides access from one-way information sharing to two-sided and simultaneous information sharing, with the introduction of In addition, social media; It is the whole of the dialogues and shares that people make with each other on the internet.” For some, a great danger is evil. For some, it’s the reward for everything good. But at the end of the day, like everything else, it’s a concept that can be valuable or worthless depending on how you use it.

Social Media Developing on the Axis of Information – Reaction

The point of freedom of expression with social media is not at a level that anyone could have predicted 5 years ago when they were sitting on their phones and innocently liking their friend’s photos on their Facebook page. While information was always what we wanted from social media, it was limited to seeing the music groups we liked and the events that our high school friend attended. But over time, all of this was not enough because knowledge is not a box that you can fill. It continues to grow as it grows. There is no limit. Bilgiler, daha önce görmediğimiz gerçekler gün yüzüne çıktıkça bu sefer kaçınılmaz son olan tepki durumu doğmaya başladı. Yapay gündem yaratma, linç veya tüketim kültürünün akla gelebilecek bütün küçük büyük detayların en büyük parçası şüphesiz sosyal medyanın varlığı oldu.

Tüketim ve Tepki

On social media, people can easily reach other people. He sees the smallest things they do and consume in their daily lives, and the questioning begins at that moment. In the past, the effects of advertisements in newspapers, magazines and television are now being made by the marketing parties of companies that use social media well. Advertising is now completely answered by a subscription on Youtube, a like on Instagram, a comment on Twitter because users are closer to products, events and people than ever before. They have complaints, they have disappointments, they have joys and sorrows. They have reactions. He wants to be like those who are liked, he wants to have a lifestyle that is liked. He sees and wants the satisfaction of person A with the product he uses.

Manufacturer’s Social Media Profile

We have constantly evaluated social media from the eyes of the consumer, but what about the producers? Everything that used to be simple is now much more complicated because there is dozens of information behind it. Those on the producer side not only deliver a product to the consumer quickly, but also have to present it with a profile. This profile isn’t far from where you used to reach the big corporate guys you used to see occasionally in the papers. In your pocket, at home, wherever you have internet. Companies aiming for success find themselves in a long and tiring adventure through social media. They are trying to make the profile they created attractive. But the hardest part is that they have to do it every day. Every day, they tirelessly focus on a single user’s comment and interaction.

Social Media Tomorrow

The journey of social media from past to present is not something to be taken lightly. Most recently, farmers in Russia have found a way to use VR (virtual reality) glasses to increase the amount of milk cows give. They even succeeded. Cows wearing VR glasses saw themselves on the grass in the meadow in the middle of summer


, increasing their appetite and increasing their nutritional value. While there is advanced technology behind such a success, it would not be difficult for a manufacturer to experience its product to its customers who are miles away. As the possibilities of presenting the product to the consumer increase, you can predict the interaction it will receive on social media. While a visual, even sharing, causes dozens of reactions, think about the effect of experiencing it live before buying it, the reactions that will occur. It’s hard to know where and how social media will take hold for tomorrow. Perhaps we are now approaching the limits of social media. But as long as social media continues to exist, the information and reaction that comes with it will change and develop day by day. Because people and technology never stay the same.