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Brands and Stories

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Brands and StoriesBrands have character, personality and image. For this reason, they insist on using the same tone of voice and colour without losing their line over the years. A brand story is a concept that has been very popular recently, which allows brands to create an effective perception and commitment on their target audiences. Although some brands do not attach much importance to stories nowadays, many brands recreate their advertising investments, campaigns and assets based on their stories.The sector that best integrates brand story and advertising campaigns are undoubtedly the bank sector. Bank advertisements include more stories and brand history than other sectors. This is because brands in the banking sector aim to create a reassuring and sincere perception of their target audience.Although the use of brand stories in advertisements and campaigns differs from sector to sector, every business with the story takes place in the minds of people. For this reason, if there is a story belonging to the brand, telling it to the target audience with advertising activities and campaigns provides brand awareness and also allows the target audience to create sympathy for the brand.Human is social entity. For this reason, brands need to communicate and establish a bond with every person in their target audience. Marketing studies are progressing through digital platforms in today’s world. However, as long as our target audience is people and society, every work that has a story touches people and has reality penetrates the subconscious.As a society, our attention span is decreasing over the years, if we want to attract people’s attention and change their perception, we can start from realist stories. The two most important factors that brands should pay attention to while sharing their stories are believable and original. Every genuine and believable story reflects the truth, and an advertisement consisting of a realistic story cannot make the target audience feel like an advertisement, on the contrary, it inspires and gains sympathy.It is seen as a branch that does not move away from the framework of profit-making strategies with marketing strategies. But its original purpose is to gain attention and perception by influencing people’s psychology. Because gaining a person’s attention is much more valuable than making money. If you want to draw attention and make a difference in today’s world, it will make your job much easier if you go back to reality and tell people who the real you is. Robert McKee, known as Hollywood’s biggest story mentor, defines the story as “Man’s truth-seeking tool, his greatest effort to make sense of the complexity of existence.”Bruner, an American psychologist who conducts research on stories and works with thousands of test subjects, concluded that “The information conveyed with stories and a plot is 22 times more memorable than the information conveyed directly.” As a result of all this research, we can see that the power of the stories matches the goals that the ads and brands want to achieve.So what are you waiting for, don’t you have a story to tell?