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What is Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)?

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What is Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)?Word Of Mount is a form of marketing in which consumers or potential customers share their information and thoughts by talking about a product, service or about of company that provides the product and service, or by other means. Developing forms of communication, social media channels have contributed to the development of word of mouth marketing.As time went on, technology changed. Most types of marketing have also kept up with this change. One of these changing and constantly transforming marketing methods is the word of mouth marketing. As people talk about their experiences, it creates a buying trigger in the people around them. This buying trigger is also focused on the “experience” that occurs in people. When people experience and describe a product or service, the message that gives to the other party is very clear. Experience is very important for people in the purchasing process. What is Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)? We wanted to explain briefly.Would you like to read our other articles?