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Top Design Trends to Dominate 2022

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Top Design Trends to Dominate 2022

Graphic design is always associated with current fashion trends that are not in any other industry.
The templates and ideas in this area are almost changing every year. The interest of both designers and employers also increases more in this direction.
It also means that there will be significant changes in the year that we are in. If we talk about global graphics trends, designers have their preferences and visions.
Global problems will influence designers or freelancers in a way. Since consumer habits are changed, we are talking about the trends in the market.
Of course, 2021 was very special for people, and this forced us to change our vision of online sales. Recruitment and outsourcing of freelancers have become more relevant than ever.
Naturally, such trends have affected the design.

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Minimal Web Design

Minimalism is a rooted trend. It will dominate such a style next year.
In 2021, designers prefer simple shapes. This is the best way to convey the main message to the consumer and not to exaggerate the unnecessary elements of the formal.
Simple lines and patterns create a particular impression of simplicity and this creates a contradiction with simple colour pallets.
Such regulations are ideal for various projects. We are talking about clothing store logos, branded restaurants and cafe packaging and many more.
The same thing is that the print industry and people are also valid for the great vinyl posters that are seen in the streets of the major cities.

3D görünüme sahip bazı ürünler.

3D Items

Of course, 3D graphics is one of the basics of design. Such techniques are particularly effective for advertising projects.
The illusion of three dimensions and movement is compatible with any natural pattern and motif. Any 3D style provides more freedom and abstraction than other motifs, so this trend will continue inevitably in 2022.
Experts are sure that people will focus on hyper-realistic images that blur the difference between graphics and photography. In addition, next year will be a big return for explanatory techniques associated with comic strips. In this case, 3D graphics will be irreplaceable.

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Animated Typography

There are many signs that there will be another year of remote work for creators and freelancers. The World Health Organization recommends that actors and filmmakers not convene.
Therefore, the video shoot will have to be postponed to better times. Marketers expect more interest in animated illustrations.
Increasingly, marketers are using combining images. They prefer adding video clips to create album effects. Of course, this style is ideal for banners and full-screen advertisements.
Comics and pop art will be trending next year as well. The same goes for large widescreen banners. Creators will prefer artistic typography for a while.

Optik illüzyonu anlatan bir animasyon.

Optical Illusion

Optical illusion styles give the impression of saturated colours and space. When people scroll, some shapes appear closer than more distant visual objects. Using such a tool is the best way to surprise the consumer. Marketers often prefer surrealism. Another graphic trend that may appear in 2022 is the combination of optical illusions with the effect of parallax.
At first glance, this may seem incomprehensible, even meaningless. But after much thought, people often see a coherent, meaningful whole. This means that they understand the essence of the designer’s ideas. All techniques like this work well for sales.

Retro tasarıma sahip birkaç ürün.

Retro Current

Thousands of people yearn for an idealized past. Any marketer will also confirm this fact.
There are similar graphic trends in web design. Styles related to the ’90s aesthetic are particularly relevant. In this case, most of the drawings consist of simple figures.
This is a base trick, but seasoned marketers also add colour palettes.
Vintage has always been relevant on Facebook and Instagram, but it will go mainstream in 2022.

Pastel renklere sahip kese ambalajları.

Pastel Colours

Undoubtedly, a side effect of the current pandemic is reduced consumption, which leads to informed purchasing decisions.
People pay attention to the composition or packaging of the product. In addition, thousands of consumers are striving more than ever for freedom of movement and the ability to be alone with nature.
Such factors have a direct impact on the design. In 2022, most packages will be characterized by simple colour palettes, soft flowing lines, images of plant elements.
When it comes to packaging materials, consumers will increasingly prefer environmentally-friendly solutions.
Simple colours are among the best ideas for graphic design in 2021 and 2022.
Every year people spend a lot of time in front of computers. Therefore, the eyes cannot rest, especially with remote work or focus.
That’s why marketers are increasingly choosing and focusing on plain colours.
Users do not get tired very quickly when using such a style. Plus, pages and layouts that aren’t saturated with vibrant colours retain highlights longer.