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Top 5 Computer For Programmers

Js dosyası açık olan bir Macbook ekranı.Js dosyası açık olan bir Macbook ekranı.

When it comes to the top 5 computer models for programmers, the first thing that comes to mind is undoubtedly laptops. The reason for this is that laptops are very comprehensive and practical to use with the advancement of technology. In our article, we will take a look at functional computers with the features needed for programming.

Before starting the subject, let’s talk about a point that needs attention and is overlooked. As it is known in the software field, there are more than one programming language. For this reason, you should pay attention to the compatibility of the programming language you frequently use with the computer you want to buy.

While some computers are useful to a certain type of developer; some computers may be developed for a different programming. We will now refer to models that generally offer comprehensive service in the field of coding. Let’s check

top 5 computer models for programmers.

Oryx PRO 

System76, a company that produces laptops and desktops for Linux; It draws attention with Oryx Pro, which stands out among recent programming products. The model, which many people have just started to use in the field of software, can be described as one of the last period software computers examined by experts.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 model, which is famous for its successful operation especially in terms of the Linux operating system, is a computer where you can do your daily simple coding tasks. One of the notable negative features of the Pro series, which is a computer that you can use both as a tablet and as a laptop, is that it is built on an ARM-based processor. Apart from this, it is one of the basic starting models recommended for those who will prefer a computer for software.

Casper Nirvana S500

Casper, the first brand that comes to mind when talking about online technology shopping in Turkey, becomes one of the prominent models in software-related laptop research with its Nirvana series. The Nirvana s500, which is both thin and powerful, also has features that can put an end to your search for a suitable laptop for programming. Casper Nirvana S500 model, known as a qualified and high quality computer, offers a successful performance with up to 10 hours of battery power and optional MX450 2GB graphics card.

Apple MacBook Air 

Apple’s MacBook Air model includes computer features that will be useful to software developers from different perspectives. It is becoming one of the models that attract attention with its high speed rate, important updates, silent use and responsive interface. The model with the M1 chip is preferred for its successful performance.

Dell XPS 15 

The XPS 15 model, whose aesthetic and functional design provides ease of use, also stands out with its fast use feature. With its 15.6 inch screen and 4K screen resolution, it becomes one of the models preferred by programmers. In addition to drawing attention to high potential graphics processing features; It is one of the preferred models with its useful battery life. In addition, it should be known that the Dell brand does not officially support Linux. However, usually Linux distributions also work on these models.

Which Models Should Developers Prefer? 

Computer preferences for programmers within the subject and computer preferences for learning software can be made in different ways. In other words, if you have just started in the software field and are looking for a suitable product in terms of price performance; You can think in a broader context. Therefore, you should choose products that are comprehensive in terms of features. Of course, in line with the possibilities, you can get a quality product when you are just starting out in the field of software. For this, you can take a look at the models above. In the review of laptop features for software, laptops suitable for coding in general can be evaluated.

What Features Should Be Considered in a Programming Computer? 

You may want to acquire a computer for programming. These devices, which especially require professional qualifications, must meet certain demands. Some of these are as stated below:

  • Processing speed: It is one of the most important factors for daily computer use. It becomes much more important when it comes to professional software. The operation of the computer you want to buy must be high for a fast quality coding.
  • RAM feature: For use by software developers; It is known that high ram laptop advice is offered by experts. It is necessary to examine the RAM limit and features in the use of laptop models. An average laptop has 4GB of RAM.

Although this hardware is sufficient for basic applications, models starting with at least 8 GB of RAM should be preferred in the field of software engineering. Especially those who work in the sector professionally operate with 16 GB and above RAM.

  • Hard drive factor: As with a standard computer, one of the features that should be considered for a programming computer is the hard drive. It is useful to pay attention to this point, as energy filtering will be carried out through different folders and records.
  • Repairability attribute: You may need to switch to a different programming language in your field. Or you may want to add RAM to the computer you are using. In such cases, the repairability of the computer you acquire is important. While this feature is open for development on some laptops; Some products are designed to be closed.
  • Pricing: It may make sense to compare prices, especially for professional devices where comprehensive products are preferred and the price range is higher. When evaluating software computer prices, it will be useful to pay attention to the above points and to determine the standards.

Then you can compare the prices among the models with the features that suit your wishes. In this way, you will not only buy a comprehensive and useful device, but also get the product you want at the most affordable cost.

Software; The fields of computer programming require being concerned with hardware as well as elements such as codes, charts and algorithms. It’s possible to code and make progress with a functional laptop. However, if you are aiming to advance in the sector for programming, we recommend that you acquire a computer that will embody your thoughts in the best way.

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