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Starcamp requested the renewal of its website so that entrepreneurs/
entrepreneur candidates who want to expand globally can purchase their services more easily.


We wanted to start the process by analyzing the usage habits and UI & UX experiences of the target audience. Being aware of the fact that the user experience passes through a simple and easy-to-understand website, we have steered our work. By working meticulously during the software phase, we aimed to create a responsive, high-loading and functional website.


With the launch of the website we prepared, a 32% increase in page speed was observed. The indexing speed of our site increased by 59% and there was an 81% decrease in the immediate exit of visitors from the site. Thus, by getting high scores on Google, we created an SEO advantage in the search field and kept our visitor time high with the fast flow within the site.

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page speed
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increase in speed

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don’t leave the site
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